About Us

If you have ever felt ‘saree phobia,’ please keep reading. It is real and you’re not alone...

I’m talking about those times you’re all dolled up in your beautiful saree for a cousins wedding or friend’s birthday or engagement party. You’re so excited for the night because it means amazing food, laughter, dancing and a few hundred selfies (you’ve gotta get the perfect one right?!).

But then BAM saree phobia hits.

I’m talking about those flashbacks of you running to the bathroom even when you don’t need to pee, but because your saree malfunctioned! Your petticoat has loosened and there’s the imminent threat of that saree unravelling! Ugh!

Or that anxious feeling you get on the dance floor. You should be carving it up like Priyanka Chopra from Desi Girl but instead you’re dancing like an awkward robot cause you’re so conscious of exposing your tummy.

And let me guess you have worn a stunning Manish Malhotra saree that is super delicate and heavy. You feel so uncomfortable and restricted that you end up sitting with the Aunties Ji instead of flirting with that special someone. Am I right?!

Or worse instead of enjoying that extra ladoo from the dessert tray, you’ve worn a super tight petticoat in an attempt to look like a Kardashian. And I tell you, draping those things is like rocket science! I don’t know about you, but I can never follow those Youtube tutorials!

You’re feeling so conscious about your saree that you don’t enjoy your night.

Enough is enough! It’s time to end your saree phobia and take back the night! That’s why I created The Saree Lane; so all women can feel amazing and look like a goddess in her saree.

Think about it, all this discomfort and saree-phobia isn’t from the Saree – it’s from the petticoat! SAREE SHAPEWEAR is a revolutionary product I’ve created from my own frustrations (and saree phobia!) that combines luxurious shapewear with the traditional saree petticoat. In a nutshell it is a saree petticoat but 587% improved.

It’s made in Australia from gorgeous material and will squash those self-conscious thoughts so you can focus on all those wonderful things associated with sarees – celebration, laughter, friends, family, food and dancing! Oh, and a few hundred selfies!

So let’s end Saree Phobia!

So who am I?

My name’s Asheeka and I’m a reformed saree-phobic. Thankfully, I didn’t need 7 steps to recovering because I created The Saree Lane that solved it in one. I follow more Bollywood stars than people I know on insta and I have unhealthy relationship with my iphone. It’s the last thing I look at night and first thing I think about when I wake up (sorry husband).

I founded The Saree Lane in 2017 and as it has done for me, I hope it can add confidence and comfort to your night.

Yours in saree sisterhood,