Everything You Need to Know

What can saree shapewear do for you!

It will give you alllll the confidence to dance up a storm, eat like there is no tomorrow, drink your body weight in tequila and take 456 selfies all while remaining comfortable and looking fab!

But for real, saree shapewear will...

  1. Make you instantly look and feel slim & slender just like Deepika Padukone from Badtameez Dil (we all remember that sexy blue saree right?!)
  2. Provide you with a bit of a helping hand and smooth those lumps and bumps all women have (trust me, even Kim Kardashian uses shape wear!)
  3. No more muffin top! (a.k.a ladoo top). Your saree shapewear will instantly flatten out your tummy while feeling ultra comfy. You won’t even know your wearing it!
  4. Help secure that saree! Your saree shapewear will hold your saree in place. No more painful rashes around your waistline or mad dash to the toilet to re-adjust your saree. The saree shapewear is like a firm hug (just like a jaadu ki jhappi) and it will hold your saree in place all night long.

How it works 

In a nutshell, saree shapewear is a revolutionary hybrid of a traditional saree petticoat and shapewear. It’s a petticoat but 587% improved.

Embellishment aside, saree shapewear incorporates shapewear and is made from four panels in a gorgeous, satin fabric. This flared satin pattern is super special because it smooths, tones and lifts whilst still remaining comfortable, putting an end to the discomfort and that restricted feeling traditionally found with petticoats.  Saree shapewear also has the traditional satin drawstring for extra support and security #WINNING.

Can’t find my colour or size?

Your happiness is our number one priority. If you can’t find the colour or size you need. Simply, email our customer happiness team at hello@thesareelane.com. Or drop us a message on facebook or insta @thesareelane. We will take care of the rest!

Why we love it

Let’s talk technical stuff. The material is really special because it provides just the right amount of compression meaning it’s not so tight you feel like you can’t breathe but it’s tight enough to make you look hot. The fabric is ultra fine and extremely light and we like to think of it as your second skin!

Other points we absolutely adore:

  • The saree shapewear won’t lose elasticity or shape.
  • They’re totally breathable due to the open knit fabric. Breathable = no need to worry about becoming a hot mess after busting a move all night long. Also, perfect for those hot summer weddings.
  • Italian material from Italy BUT manufactured in Australia. It’s the best of both worlds (or countries!).

    By the way

    Our saree shapewears are manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and made. Our manufacture adheres to the highest ethical standards and delivers service excellence in clothing manufacturing. Each saree shapewear is individually checked and review to ensure you get the best quality.