Cinderella’s Secrets

$68.00 AUD

Every woman should have her Cinderella moment. Our saree shapewear will make sure you have yours with the confidence that only a smooth silhouette and sensuous curves provides. All eyes will be on you, as you make your grand entrance in your blue saree.

When the clock strikes midnight and it’s time to flee the ball, your saree shapewear won’t be holding you back! You can make your quick escape without any restrictions and without your saree unravelling. Beautiful and practical! We have replaced the traditional drawstring with extra strength cotton ribbon to provide extra support for all your super delicate and heavy sarees.

What type of Saree’s is this suitable for?
Think Cinderalla. But in a Saree. Those beautiful shades of blue will work perfectly with our Cinderella’s Secrets shapewear, making you the talk of the town.

If this appears – “SOLD OUT”
You have GREAT taste. Our Cinderalla’s Secrets have been so popular they’re currently sold out. But don't worry, there are some more on the way! If you have any concerns, please contact our customer happiness team at or drop us a message on Facebook or Insta @thesareelane. We’ll take care the rest.

Get the perfect fit
Our size guide will ensure the perfect fit every time! Check it out here.

How to care for your Saree Shapewear 
With a bit of tender loving care! Kidding! Our saree shapewear is super easy to care for. Just use the ‘delicate’ setting on your washing machine, preferably with cold water.

Some important information 
We don’t recommend using our saree shapewear for net or super see-through sarees. We know they’re called Secrets and let’s keep them between you and me, okay? Don’t despair though! We are working very hard to bring you a full range of coloured saree shapewear.

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