Esha Shaping Blouse

$69.95 AUD

Finally, a saree blouse meant to be seen.

Our mesmerising Esha blouse is part of our limited-edition saree shaping blouses. Look eccentric and feel empowered in this figure flattering saree blouse. Say ‘alvida’ to annoying back fats and flabby arms. Feel confident and sassy as you step out in style with our Esha blouse.

There’s no denying the visible effect this whisper light and breathable shaping fabric will have on your confidence. The Esha blouse is designed to fit and flatter in all the right places. So channel your inner goddess and feel free and fabulous as you rock that saree!

Why you’ll love it

For our busy Mammas: Made just for you.

Only got 5 minutes for glam? Busy mummy’s we got you! Featuring nostalgic patterns, our saree shaping blouses will instantly transform a boring saree into a fabulous saree.

Hate ironing? You will be wrinkle free every time. The saree shaping blouses are made from breathable lyrca that only requires a light touch iron. The fabric is so light and smooth you won’t even need to hang it up.

For our trendsetter: You’ll love this.

Great news! You can create multiple, multiple looks with our saree shaping blouses. The pattern is so unique and super stylish that you can use it as lehenga top, pair with your favourite jeans or even to your next yoga class. It is the ultimate multipurpose saree blouse that you will use again and again.

Bootylicious Babes: We got you.

Give your ladies the love and attention they deserve! Saree shaping blouse will give your sisters a natural boost without squishing or feeling uncomfortable. No more annoying pre-stitched breast cups that never ever sit right. No more underarm chafing caused by heavily sequinned blouses. Only support and comfort.

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